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    I had a vision through Mission Fulfilled 2030 to impact 100,000 Young Black males by 2030.

    What if Black boys from disadvantaged and underserved communities nationwide had a Mission Fulfilled 2030 tech center they attended from ages 5-18, presenting a new reality of the opportunity that exists in the world for them? A place where they went for fellowship, counseling, and mentorship while developing their GOD-given gifts for the world.

    Through our programs, we are developing these young men who will be the new digital high-tech/STEM talent of the future, awesome fathers, community builders, and mentors/coaches.

    But to do this we need your help because we can't do it without you.

    Please take this opportunity to make an investment in the future of not only Young Black males but the future of this nation in which we live.


    We are here to INSPIRE, EDUCATE & ACTIVATE Black boys in Tech/STEM to bridge the digital divide and make a future dent in the income/wealth gap.

    We have a lofty goal of impacting 10,000 boys through our programs this year.

    To do this we need to raise $250,000 which is roughly $25 per child. The goal is to get 1,000 of our #HeroSquad to help raise $250.

    For a small donation, you could have a major impact. Together we can change the communities we serve.

    Mission Fulfilled 2030 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose Vision is to bridge the digital divide and make a dent in the income/wealth gap of Black families while developing students who are stronger and better equipped for the digital high-tech future.

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