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I am a researcher at the University of Minnesota, overseeing the Microbiota Therapeutics Research Program. I switched research fields when I became ill 10 years ago with a questionable diagnosis of ulcerative colitis (UC) and then a 14 month bout with recurrent C. difficile infection. I was cured of my C. diff infection with a microbiota transplant.

I am running to raise money for the research we support all across the country for many different health conditions, to bring awareness to GI health issues, and to remove the stigma of GI illnesses.  Most people don't want to hear about chronic diarrhea or bloody stool, but patients shouldn't have to suffer in silence.

I am running for autism and the hope microbiota transplants bring to families.  I have worked with 7 families who have children with autism across the country, and it's some of the most meaningful work I've ever done.  ACT is integral to this life changing work.

After 9 years of fantastic GI health after my transplant, I was recently diagnosed again with UC, confirming I do indeed have this autoimmune disease.  I won't lie, training has been difficult due to various health issues that have derailed my training numerous times, but I am determined to run!

My sister, Heidi Gilde, and I are running the Twin Cities 10 Mile together this year, with a fun little competition to see who can raise more money. I will update a Facebook page I created to talk about all the different diseases we research and why our work could not be possible without Achieving Cures Together.

Achieving Cures Together has provided treatments to over 1,000 patients suffering from antibiotic resistant c. difficile infections with a 98% treatment success rate. ACT is advancing critical research forward, providing microbial restorative therapeutics to clinical trials targeting conditions including Ulcerative Colitis, Autism, Graft-Versus-Host Disease, Advanced Liver Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, Crohn’s Disease, Immuno-oncology, food allergies and more. Learn more at

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