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Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans 14 years ago and some people are still not home. When I first came on this trip, I realized that before this trip, things that happened in other parts of the US didn’t matter to me. I cared about what Bella Thorne’s new tattoos meant or whether or not Kim and Kanye were getting a divorce. The fact that people’s lives and families were being destroyed didn’t even cross my mind. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans 14 years ago and many people are still not home. All of the media, the celebrities that seemed to care about disaster relief, the majority of the US: we forgot Katrina had even happened. Not for everyone.

The destruction caused by Katrina is still a vivid reality for many people. There’s a part of New Orleans, it’s called the Lower Ninth Ward. The people living in this area had no means to move. They literally could not go anywhere. All of their belongings were here, their memories, their heritage. For everyone in New Orleans, their lineage was now among the wreckage. Now, I want you to imagine that you are driving through your neighborhood. Whether it’s the Seattle area, Eastside, wherever. I’m going to assume there are houses or apartments there, some type of living situation, yes? That's what’s different about the Lower 9th. There are plots of land that are just grass. You drive by, and think, oh that’s a nice field, but it used to be someone’s home. Kids used to run around playing soccer. People started families there. There was a community there. This is what SAA brings back.

We cannot help families move home without your support, your generosity is critical to my success and helps purchase building materials and helps with student scholarships.

Thank you for being a part of the solution!

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