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Indigenous communities in Northern MN are fighting to stop the Line 3 Pipeline. This summer they're asking for support on the front lines & we're planning on answering their call for solidarity. We are following their lead and joining them to take action in early June. If you would like to join us for the Line 3 action, you can sign up here!

Arm in Arm Midwest aims to ignite a transformational era that ends the climate crisis by centering racial and economic justice, and start right here at home with acts of disruptive humanitarianism. We are focused on disruptive humanitarianism actions, but we are also focused on growth, so we do also get together socially in order to grow our Region - we might have a book club or film nights for example in order to bring in new people to take action with us. All our members should sign on and adhere to the Arm in Arm principles.

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Indigenous Anishinaabe leaders have put out a call for people to converge on northern Minnesota from June 5-8 and engage in direct resistance to stop Line 3. 

Line 3 is a tar sands oil pipeline whose intended path cuts from from Alberta, Canada to Superior, Wisconsin in violation of indigenous rights and crossing the Mississippi headwaters. The pipeline would result in emissions equivalent to 50 coal-fired power plants

Busloads of people are coming from around the country. Can you chip in so myself and others can join the fight against the Enbridge Corporation, which is building the pipeline (with financial support from JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, CitiBank and TD Bank, of course)?

In solidarity,

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Arm in Arm’s solution ignites a transformational era that ends the climate crisis through sustained local disruptive humanitarianism centering economic and racial justice. 

The climate crisis literally looms over every aspect of our lives today. And while there are many organizations working on climate change mitigation and adaptation, for the first time, Arm in Arm puts forward a shared popular resistance strategy under which individuals of all ages can unite under a solidarity banner. 

Our movement’s principles pose an alternative to the status quo and bring out the best in each of us with loving defiance. They call on people like you and me to draw attention to systemic failures and injustices in their communities through creative, human, civil, disobedient acts.

Millions of Americans will participate in coordinated actions and peaceful acts organized through local independent hubs focused on local climate change inequities. From just transition to renewable energy and energy efficient affordable housing to good paying jobs and health care, we have a national platform that local hubs can adapt and implement.

We are stronger when we join Arm in Arm.  Will you join me?

Nearly all of our activities and funding is local. These tools help us bring at least 90% of raised resources back to our community. Arm in Arm is supported by US Mobilizing for Urgent and Sustainable Transformation (USMUST). Your contribution supports our hub through USMUST's goal of coordinating and aligning activities that are aimed at securing just and equitable climate action. USMUST is a 501(c)(4) charity, and therefore, gifts are not tax deductible.

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