Miner Aviation looks to soar in Tucson Arizona!

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Help Miner Aviation soar at the Design, Build, and Fly Competition in Tucson Arizona!

We are Miner Aviation, and we need your help. As the Missouri University of Science and Technology's only airplane design team, we custom design almost every aspect of our task-specific RC aircraft, from wing shape to composite materials, specialty hardware to control systems. Miner Aviation prides ourselves on providing a training ground for future aerospace industry engineers.

 Team membership provides our students with hands-on, real world experience that seldom comes from classroom work alone. After spending half the year designing, building, and testing our new aircraft, we’re happy to announce it has already exceeded expectations in flight, validating all our design work. Instead of building a second aircraft as in years past, we will build extra spare components to help with the Design, Build, Fly Competition challenges this year. Read more about the challenges at https://mineraviation.mst.edu/thecompetition/

 In 2017 we changed our name from the Advanced Aero Vehicle Group to S&T Miner Aviation. 2019 marks yet another major change for us; we’ve registered in a more challenging event than previous years, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Design, Build, Fly competition. The competition mandates that we produce our first-ever large, folding wing aircraft, similar to the Navy’s E-2 Hawkeye. 

 Please consider helping fund our travel to the Tucson, Arizona competition, which costs nearly $700 per member, and continue to provide a learning environment seldom found at other universities. 

 Thank you for supporting our efforts and continuing our 20-year history of learning and success!

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