$8,768 Goal

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    Beautiful1040 is based on Song of Solomon 2:10


    “Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away.”


    Teams of women come together from across the globe, pooling their resources and gifting, for the purpose of blessing, refreshing and equipping women leaders who live and minister in difficult areas of the Middle East and North Africa.


    Further still, Beautiful1040 teams empower local women to reach beyond their personal cultural and comfort zones to minister to Refugee women. The most valuable gift we can give refugees and the most marginalized women in these societies, is the love of our personal Savior - but we also provide practical aid and aim to make them smile by showing them with gifts that demonstrate God’s love.

    Due to the pandemic, this project was postponed until 2023.

    The next Beautiful1040 team is planned for June 2023.

    Our goal is to host a team of a dozen or so women leaders from the USA, UK and beyond who will work together to host approximately 100 women leaders from across Lebanon for a time of blessing, refreshing and equipping for a two night and three day getaway.

    Key needs for this all female team include:

    > Children’s ministry and child care specialist.

    > Media: Film, Photography, sound and audio visual specialist

    > Pastors, Assistant Pastors and women ministry leaders with years of proven ministry success

    > Worship Team Leaders (vocal and instruments) 

    > Those willing to serve in any capacity. 

    Team size is limited to no more than 18.

    The second part of the trip includes the same team, working with local Lebanse believers, ministering to100 Muslim Syrian refugee women. 

    To sponsor women for the leader's advance is $199 per person including all meals, three days and two nights accommodation, and misc. expenses related to the meetings. 

    So ten leaders is $1990, and 100 is $19,900.  So far $4975 (25 women leaders) are sponsored, meaning just 75 more to reach out target ($14,925). All sponsorship monies are due by March 1st, 2023. This cut off date enables us to know exactly how many women leaders we can invite and to have funds for deposits for reserving venues, etc. 

    Team trip costs are approximately 10 days, and is based on a Team Trip Fee of $200/day. This does not include the airline ticket which varies in cost depending on departure city and when the ticket is purchased. 

    The Trip Fee includes expenses from the time of arrival until departure. It includes accommodation in a 3 star hotel or AirBnB (sharing room), all meals, gifts and aid for refugees, all ground travel and covers the expenses for local team members who provide all the logistic support like drivers).

    Estimated airline tickets are $1400 per person. Meaning a 10 day trip will be a total of $3400, plus personal spending money.