The Chick-fil-A Together Fund

    The Chick-fil-A Together Fund was created to help Team Members, Operators, and Staff* who are facing financial hardship immediately after a natural disaster or an unforeseen personal hardship.

    The Fund is made up of individual donations from Operators, Corporate Staff*, and other generous donors from the Chick-fil-A community.

    Every contribution helps, and when combined with the donations of others, can provide a tax-free grant (USA) to help a fellow Team Member, Operator, or Staff* in need when they are facing the unexpected.

    *Inclusive of the following groups: Chick-fil-A, Inc. Support Center Staff, Chick-fil-A, Inc. In-Field Staff (including the Leadership Development Program (LDP), Training Development Program (TDP), and CFA HELP), CFA Servco, Inc. (Regular Full-Time), Bay Center Foods, LLC (Regular Full-Time), Chick-fil-A Supply, LLC (Regular Full-Time), and Dwarf House Group, LLC Executive General Managers, Assistant General Managers, and Team Members.

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