USC VHH Clinical Training Fund

    The Importance of Clinical Training

    Working in tandem with physicians, much of the patient care in hospitals is delivered by nurses and other clinicians such as respiratory, physical or occupational therapists. The opportunity to refresh, enhance or build best-practice clinical skills among our non-physician medical staff is critical to providing optimal patient safety and outcomes. Opportunities for education and training have also proven a highly effective way to retain and recruit the best and brightest clinical personnel.

    Elevating Practice, Growing Confidence, and Inspiring Mentorship

    "I haven’t experienced this kind of energy and positivity ever in a hospital. It’s exhilarating. We are all speaking the same clinical language. When the entire department is taking the same class, we are all up to date on the latest evidence-based nursing practices. The community approach to education also necessitates communication and interaction among staff. Not everyone can go to every course or conference, and those who do are expected to share with the rest of the group, creating discussion and dissemination.”  -Daniel O’Kelly, RN

    Enhancing Excellence

    Clinical training funds established through philanthropy have enabled USC Verdugo Hills Hospital (USC VHH) nurses to receive specialized training in areas such as pediatric emergency nursing, gerontological advanced practice, relationship-based care, emergency medicine pharmacology and trauma care, just to name a few. It is this training that can be attributed to USC VHH’s recent receipt of the prestigious Emergency Nurses Association Lantern Award which recognizes emergency departments throughout the country that demonstrate exceptional and innovative performance in leadership, practice, education, advocacy and research.

    “We were able to achieve three of the five pillars associated with the ENA Lantern Award as a direct result of the training opportunities that were made available to our nurses through clinical training funds established by generous donors. With similar philanthropic investments, we could embark on the Magnet status journey for our hospital – the platinum standard in nursing and, in turn, patient care.”  -Theresa Murphy, Chief Nursing Officer

    Before achieving Magnet status, which is conferred by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, a hospital must demonstrate excellence in nursing and patient care as well as innovation in professional nursing practice. Less than 10% of all U.S. hospitals have achieved Magnet Hospital status. On average, it takes hospitals 4.25 years to complete the process of obtaining Magnet status, at an average cost of $500,000 annually. 

    Make an Impact

    At USC-VHH our mission is to provide personalized, high-quality healthcare relevant to our community while training the next generation of medical leaders. Our non-physician clinicians are vital to this mission. Without the resources to provide ongoing education and training, we cannot continue to provide our community with world-class care.

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