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    Thank You from the Children of the Moshav

    Late last month, raging fires in Israel caused great damage across the Holy Land. Moshav Mevo Modiim, founded by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and known for its warmth and hospitality, burned to the ground.

    Alerted at the last minute of the approaching inferno, residents of the Moshav escaped with their lives…but with little else. The wildfires left dozens of families homeless and without possessions or beloved memories of life in the Moshav.

    But thanks to YOU, these families are now beginning to rebuild all that was lost. Residents of the Moshav have shelter and have already directly received the funds that YOU gave them, providing them with clothing, food, and the other daily necessities they lost in the fires, and more funds will arrive shortly.

    And now we, the children of the Moshav, along with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, want to thank you for your care, your compassion, and your cooperation as we rebuild, together, the homes and lives these families — our families — feared would never be replaced.

    As the damage is surveyed, the extent of the devastation is still being revealed. We do have a long road ahead as we rebuild the Moshav’s vibrant physical community from the ground up. But with YOUR help, this spiritual community of ours that survived the fires will once again thrive.

    To support the Moshav’s victims in both a long-term and sustainable way, we ask that you consider giving to Phase 2 of the Official Moshav Mevo Modiim Fire Relief Fund.


    Brachie & Ari Sprung

    Neshama Carlebach & Rabbi Menachem Creditor

    Naomi & Yehuda Solomon

    Rabbi Shlomo & Bina Katz

    Emunah & Yahel Tsaidi

    Chani & Eden Pearlstein

    Ilana Weinstein

    Dari Carlebach and Ari Leichtberg

    “The Moshav was always my most special place. The air was sweeter there. The wind was softer there. The Moshav was a space of deep peace and comfort. I am in utter shock, devastated and heartbroken that our precious place has burned.”Neshama Carlebach

    “My Moshav, my home, my community — gone. Although the physical form is no longer standing, the people and our spirit are stronger than ever.”Mayana, Cochava Branigan

    “They say home is where the heart is. Our hearts have been ripped out and burnt. Our families displaced. Their homes burnt to the ground. My grandmother and mother were founding members of the Moshav. No other place in the world will ever truly be home. It’s unfathomable that our beautiful home is no longer.”Aura Lanzbom (Deyong)

    “Devastation abounds me. My entire Moshav has been destroyed and burnt down. I look forward to the new Moshav that we can all rebuild together.” Yehuda & Naomi Solomon

    “The community there has shaped and changed so many lives. I hope and pray that we can rebuild and restore this beautiful oasis.” Noah Solomon

    The Moshav has been my home and my families home for multiple generations. It has been a constant and safe haven for me and my family through our life. It is more than a community. It is a family that has supported each other and continues to do that. ” – Ilana Weinstein

    “Our children so often reminisce about and eagerly wait to go back and experience everything the Moshav represents. The Moshav taught me the value of connecting to people, reaching out to people and caring for those around us.” Emunah Tsaidi

    “The Moshav is an example of what is possible when a small group of people unite around a common cause and commit themselves completely to its manifestation; it is truly a living example of the Talmudic trope, ‘the little that holds much.’ And now, sadly, it is almost all gone. And yet, I'm sure, if anyone can emerge from tragedy like a phoenix from the flames - it is the holy chevre of the Moshav.”Eden Pearlstein

    “The Moshav gave me a home and the most beautiful and magical childhood. In this tiny and special community, we celebrate together, mourn together, and have always been there for each other. I am so beyond thankful for this community for giving me the true meaning of family, spirituality and kindness.”Brachie Sprung



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