Cason Family

    Jeff and Nina Cason, formally based in England, have traveled to 27 countries conducting evangelistic meetings, leadership gatherings, and spreading the message of Jesus wherever doors opened, especially in regions considered closed to the gospel.


    Ensnared in a tumultuous lifestyle of drug use that led to dealing drugs and crime, in 1991 Jeff’s life was profoundly transformed following an encounter with God that saved his life.


    Following his time at RHEMA Bible Training College USA (1995-1997), Jeff relocated to Manchester, England, where he played a pivotal role alongside Matt & Julie Beemer in establishing a church and bible college, as well as overseeing much of the international ministry outreach. Among his most significant privileges was working with Muslims, guiding them towards a relationship with Jesus, offering discipleship, and baptizing hundreds of new Christ-followers. Within just two weeks of arriving in England, 


    Jeff met his future wife, Nina (RBTC 2008-2010 USA), and the following year, they were married.


    Currently residing in southern Ohio with their three children, Jeff and Nina passionately love God and people. Their fervent desire is to share the message of Jesus with everyone, especially in the Middle East North Africa region, and to inspire the global church to actively engage in the end-time harvest.