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Villa Marie is raising money to fund education of our special students.  

When your child is born, your heart is full of joy.  You hold future dreams in your heart for your child. 

A diagnosis such as Autism, Down Syndrome or the discovery of other learning challenges can make all those envisioned joys go dark.  The normal milestones of life are no longer certain.  Sometimes the child’s school life is really difficult.  The child is bullied and misunderstood.  Every member of the family suffers. 

Villa Marie Home & School for Exceptional Children is a light, bringing hope, understanding and love to families with a child who has special education needs.  The child is met where they are at by patient, kind, calm teachers who understand and accept the child for who they are. Students work one on one, or in small groups and focus on their own areas of needed growth.  Methods that work for one child, may or may not work for another.  Students develop not only academically but spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. Students are able to enhance their God-given talents, learn job skills and are encouraged to embrace healthy lifestyle choices. 

Students ages 6-18 find acceptance, build lifelong friendships, learn to trust in God, and be confident in their abilities.  The safe, family-like environment allows the child to blossom into the individual God created them to be.  Weekly boarding and day school opportunities are available. 

Tuition assistance is provided to all of our families, as no child is ever turned away due to a lack of financial resources.  Our average cost to educate as of April 2023 is $41,000 for 9 months and is ever changing depending on the combination of boarders and day students, and the rising costs of utilities and food. As a boarding school we have many expenses that other schools do not. 

Villa Marie does not have a designated parish for financial support like other schools in the Lincoln Catholic Dioceses, and is completely reliant on the goodwill of those who love God to provide the resources needed to do God’s work. We can’t better the lives of God’s most precious children without your help! 

Our goal for Lincoln Catholic Schools Day of Giving is $65,000. This funding will go directly to fund all things necessary to educate our students. 

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