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    Foster parents play a critical role in helping these children and adults heal, experience stability, and teach them life lessons that last a lifetime - and potentially affect future generations. Because of these challenges, foster parenting requires special people who can take individuals quickly and without hesitation into their homes and use the industry-leading resources and training provided by Devereux to meet each child or adult where they are, and support their journey, whether that is a return to home, to another family member, or adoption. 

    Your monthly donation can help Devereux support our community of foster parents, foster care staff and the individuals they lovingly support each day: 

    $5 a month can help provide art supplies, books, games and other fun activities; 

    $10 a month can help support birthday and holiday celebrations for our foster individuals; 

    $25 a month can help fund special community activities, such as art classes, sporting events, movie nights and other recreational outings; and

    $50 a month can help provide evidence-based training, curriculum and ongoing support to our foster parents through Devereux's clinicians and foster care experts. 


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