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    Please select Most Needed and include a note that your gift is for the Center for Children with Down Syndrome in Idlib.

    A Heartfelt Request from Jim Seidl and Friends of Idlib Center Global Volunteers.

    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    Amidst the rubble and destruction of conflict in Syria, something unexpectedly beautiful is unfolding. There is hope, love, and laughter.

    Children with Down Syndrome are walking, learning how to feed themselves, talking, and interacting with others again. It’s hardly what one expects to find in the decrepit, tiny facilities of the Idlib Center for Children with Down Syndrome. This is their story, and the story of what you can do.

    Marvel at little AbdulHamid who couldn’t walk on his own just three months ago, who is  now is a ball of laughter scampering around with the other kids.See how Sara transforms on her first day from a shy, scared child, hiding her head, to shocking her parents as she comes to life and starts playing.This is what founder Abdullah Mohammed and his wife Bara’a have created with no funding. He pays for rent out of his own pocket from his meager salary as a pediatric nurse.All the staff are volunteers. The Center lacks the learning tools it needs, the space to take on many hundreds more children with Down Syndrome, and the equipment the physical therapists need. Imagine what could be done if they had resources.Down Syndrome is a genetic condition in which a child has a full or partial extra chromosome. This effects the way that the child’s brain and body develop. Early intervention can mitigate the majority of the developmental challenges, but even before the conflict,  that was a struggle.

    The decade-long Syrian conflict has seen children with Down Syndrome regress, if they ever even had a chance at learning the basics like walking, talking, and feeding themselves.Our mission is to raise $100,000 to allow the Idlib Center to expand and move to a bigger, brighter space, hire full time staff, and purchase the necessary equipment to help the children optimize their therapy to reach their full potential. The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) Foundation will be overseeing the expansion and program implementation.We are also building a virtual training program with occupational, physical and speech specialists from the OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Child Development and Rehabilitation Center, Down Syndrome Clinic, in Portland, Oregon.

    Children with Down Syndrome should not be sentenced to a life in the shadows. They can thrive and reach their full potential. But they can’t do this in conflict-impacted Idlib without your help.

    Please help us achieve our $100,000 goal by contributing any amount you can afford today. Your donation will be used to support the center, including paying for bus transportation, staff salaries, rent, center operating expenses,  educational materials, and everything necessary to provide services for up to 250 children with Down Syndrome. 

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    With love and hope for the children of Idlib.


    Jim Seidl

    Friends of Idlib Center, Steering Committee Co-Chair

      Please give what you can today for a beautiful child’s hope, healing, and elevation tomorrow.

    Thank you in advance for your kindness, care, and generosity.

    Donors outside the US, please visit: DONATE.

    Please select Most Needed and include a gift note that your gift is for the Center for Children with Down Syndrome in Idlib.

    Please mail donations to:

              Syrian American Medical Society Foundation
              PO Box 34115
              Washington, DC  20043
    *Please include a note with your check indicating that it for the Center for Children with Down Syndrome in Idlib, Syria. Thank you!
    To donate via a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)  such as Fidelity Charitable,  please contact your DAF administrator directly and request that your gift be made to the Syrian American Medical Society Foundation, Tax ID 16-1717058 and include the purpose of your gift. Thank you!

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