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    "Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela


    You have the power to make an impact on a child living in a community where poverty, hunger, and violence are rampant.


    You can be part of an effort to transform these communities from the inside out, changing the lives of minority young people counted out and misunderstood by society.


    Your monthly gift would make this possible. You can make a huge impact. Here's how.


    Give your gift of $20 to frontline efforts that have served over 10,000 of New York City's most vulnerable kids and families through culturally enriching art programs, individualized educational services, a unique big brother big sister mentoring program, and prestigious mental health school programs. 


    Your gift ensures that more kids and families will be positively impacted.


    • Art programs instill confidence, reduce stress, and encourage creativity and self-expression
    • Mentors and teachers are trained in social-emotional learning (SEL)
    • Onsite licensed social workers counsel and engage students in K-12 schools to improve their mental wellbeing and increase their sense of safety in school environment
    • Parent programs and family sessions increase access to parenting resources and serve as a support system for families


    Your gift means no child will be left behind as we transition out of this pandemic. Your continued support along with your friends and family makes a difference because it takes a village.  


    Thank you to our supporters:

    Gina & Tom $100
    Weitny  $26
    Anna  $70.00
    Robert  $50
    Daren  $50.00
    Hans  $36.32
    Ben  $5
    Kaaron  $50
    Rex Chen $200
    Eileen  $206
    Flora  $103
    Paul  $100
    Cara  $11
    Andre &Emmeline $100
    Ardit  $153
    Felicia $45
    Katie  $515
    Sheila $258
    Pris  $25
    Nitul  $15
    Sherill  $20
    Tracy  $120
    Sinead  $50
    Benjamin  $21
    Neva  $100
    June  $50
    Raquel  $50
    Myah  $10
    Micheal $15.00
    Anna $100.00
    Karen $20.00
    Carmen $50.00
    Katherine $25.00
    Micheal $13.00
    Micheal $14.00
    Keisha $25.00
    Annie $10.00
    Aaren $20.00
    Neva $100.00
    Siobhan $50.00
    Michelle $100.00
    Sinead $50.00
    Ciara $100.00
    Joe $500.00
    Dolores $100.00
    Gabriel $100.00
    Jessie $25.00
    Andrea $50.00
    Sheryl $50.00
    Daren $50.00
    Weitny $25.00
    Carlington $100.00
    Anna $50.00
    Shakira $5.00
    Lucky $10.00
    Paula $25.00
    Priscilla $25.00
    Katie $50.00
    Phyllis $25.00
    Andre $50.00
    Laura $15.00
    Sandra $150.00
    Keisha $100.00
    Weitny $20.00
    nakisha $50.00
    Arisbel $50.00
    Shanequa $100.00
    bryce $200.00
    Arisbel $50.00
    Uroosa $20.00
    Tywanda $50.00
    Leslye $50.00
    carrie $20.00
    nakisha $50.00
    Katie $0.00
    Sandra $30.00
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    Crystal $20.00
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    Isis $15.00
    Isabelle $20.00




    Our Impact

    - Over 10,000 youth and families impacted

    - 4,000+ online sessions

    - 3,000+ youth impacted

    - 10 partner schools

    - 150 volunteers supporting our youth and parents

    - Now serving 5 states (New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Florida)

    - Serving youth in all 5 New York City boroughs

    Programs We Offer


    • One-on-One Mentoring
    • One-on-One Tutoring
    • Online Teen Study Groups
    • Career & College Prep Generation Z Program
    • STEM Programs for K-12 students
    • See Her Be Her Coaching for Black Girls
    • Youth Activity Groups


    • Individual and Group Counseling
    • College in Arts
    • Art Therapy
    • Geared for Success
    • Mentoring in Schools
    • Virtual Afterschool Classes in Literacy, Art, & Science
    • Arts Services to Support Student Mental Health
    • STEM Programs
    • After school program


    • Parent Support Group 
    • 8-Week Nutrition Class Series
    • Parent Workshops
    • Parent Rise Podcast


    We adapted our youth and parent programs in response to rising needs resulting from COVID-19. We are offering remote programming and helping to close the digital divide that is causing communities of color to fall behind in the new virtual world. Make sure our kids' mental health and academic development are supported today.

    About Us (Visit www.iraiseinc.org to learn more and contact us.)

    I'RAISE began as a grassroots organization in the North Bronx with a vision to foster and improve the social and educational outcomes in vulnerable children and youth in urban NYC communities. Over the years, I'RAISE has become a safe haven for hundreds of children through its culturally enriching art programs, individualized educational services, unique big brother big sister mentoring program, and prestigious mental health school programs.

    Our programs have helped many young people in foster care, and hundreds of children with mental health challenges. Today, we work every day to ensure children and their families are supported holistically during COVID-19. I'RAISE continues to be a beacon of light to thousands of children and families every year in New York City. We serve approximately 2,000 children and families annually.


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