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Dear Friends,

In the spirit of Pride month, Jewitch Collective has decided to fundraise, do outreach for volunteers, and raise awareness about JFCS East Bay's LGBTI Refugee Program. It serves LGBTI refugees who have fled their homelands and are resettling here in the Bay Area. JFCS East Bay is currently the lead organization in the United States resettling lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex refugees. This campaign is the tikkun olam, repair of the world, project for the Song of Songs Seder Celebrating Queer Sexuality happening on May 19th 2-5 pm in Berkeley at Urban Adamah.   

Please consider putting your values into action with a gift, and help an LGBTI refugee start a new life with a circle of welcoming support. 

With gratitude and pride,

JeWitch Collective

LGBTI Refugee Support:

Imagine your life is in danger. You flee from your family, your community, your country. You’re separated from everything you know. And all because you happen to be an LGBTI person.

It’s truly hard to imagine a more vulnerable group than LGBTI refugees. They arrive here from countries in Africa and the Middle East—completely alone and traumatized, often having experienced torture and rape. With no support system, no money, no work history, and limited English, they land in the Bay Area and try to start new lives.

That’s where you come in. Volunteering or donating to JFCS East Bay’s LGBTI Refugee Services program gives these vulnerable refugees the support system they desperately need. Our staff and volunteers create a circle of caring around each new arrival, helping them access housing, jobs, English classes, mental health services, medical care—and community.

By donating or volunteering today, you become part of that welcoming circle. As we head into Pride month and the Queer High Days, we are trying to raise $5,000 by June 30th to help LGBTI refugees live openly and without fear here in our East Bay community.

Together, we are part of a larger movement that is coming together, serving each other, and standing up for one another. Thank you for your caring, commitment, and partnership.

For information about volunteering with JFCS East Bay's LGBTI refugee program please visit

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