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    Thousands of Pennsylvanians with disabilities are forced to choose between career advancement and life-sustaining medical support. Men and women with college degrees and those with unlimited career potential face the unimaginable barrier of losing the benefits that allow them to lead meaningful personal and professional lives.

    Currently, under a Department of Human Services policy known as Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD), individuals with disabilities can only earn up to $62,000 before the benefits that provide them with critical care are taken away, leaving them homebound. Many live in constant fear that if they earn more than is allowed, they will lose the benefits that make it possible for them to get out of bed in the morning, eat, get dressed, go to work and contribute to society.

    United Way’s #IWantToWork Campaign is working to change this policy to allow all people with disabilities the right to work, contribute to the advancement of our society and economy, while maintaining the life-sustaining supports that allow them to do so.

    Every person deserves the right to reach their full potential.  Please sign the petition in support of removing the earnings cap for people with disabilities to ensure all people have the opportunity to live up to their greatest potential.

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