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    BeRemarkable Foundation is a 501c3 organization that is passionate about creating a more positive social media experience for our youth communities. Children are spending more than 10 hours a day on social media and the majority of their content consumption isn't aspirational. We aim to shift that experience by creating impact projects centered around youth and partnering with influencers to create powerful content to spread across social media. Our goal is to continuously create social media content that is inspirational, worldly and transformative for our youth. Each project has an entirely different mission and can range from education to youth empowerment to music & arts - the possibilities in the world of social are endless and we need your help in our efforts to change social media.

    Our first impact project is focused on children who battle mental illness diagnoses. At BeRemarkable, we believe in the curative power of storytelling. We tell stories for the same reason we take medicine - to help us feel better and heal. We want to provide these kids with the tools needed to craft their stories, share them, and to learn early on how to proactively deal with their everyday struggles through creative expression, and the positive use of social media. 

    We are raising funds to continue our BeRemarkable #MIstory (Mental Illness Story) workshops. We aim to create a safe space to celebrate these children and their stories. We put together a two-day workshop led by some of the best story-tellers in the U.S. to teach up to 20 children how to creatively express themselves through classic storytelling, poetry or spoken word. Later this year, we will host our 2nd Annual whimsically themed evening where all the children are celebrated, and a few stories will be performed on stage in front of a live audience. This will be a night to remember - bonding a community and breaking the silence.  Reserve your space today!

    BeRemarkable also believes in the power of social media if used in the right way, and we understand that social media is the most prevalent form of communication among todays youth. So, #MIstory partners with social media influencers who have similar stories to use their platform to share their #MIstory and break the stigma by encouraging their audience to join the movement and share their own #MIstory. Whether it is their own personal story, or one of dealing with MI through a loved one - we are all part of the same community, and we want to hear everyone's story. Although our workshops are catered to children under the age of 18, #MIstory is a movement for ALL to share, and we are actively building a huge community of positive support for our youth. 

    Reaching our goal would allow for us to 
    *Host our workshops consistently throughout the year
    *Maintain and grow the BeRemarkable #MIstory online community, as a safe haven for our youth to connect to
    *Create high quality, inspirational and powerful #MIstory content and a series of mini documentary-episodes

    This will be life changing for the children involved! It is really important for them to have the tools and mindset necessary to proactively deal with their diagnoses for years to come. We have seen the excitement on the childrens faces when talking about this and we feel it is our responsibility as a community to properly support and empower them towards greatness.

    We have some of the best producers, amazing social media influencers, mental health advocates, teachers, and an incredibly passionate BeRemarkable team - all determined to help make a difference in the lives of the children and we NEED your help! 


    **BeRemarkable is powered by Speakr, a social media technology platform. They have over 7 years of working in the social media space and have won awards for social media campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world. They will be handling influencer outreach and participation in efforts to raise as much awareness as possible about #MIstory. We feel honored to have their support**

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