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    MassArt students are
    Artists  |  Designers  |  Educators  |  Entrepreneurs  |  Leaders  |  Makers

    But they can’t do it alone and that is where you can help!

    Since 2021, we have designated our annual Raise Your Paddle appeal to the Finish Line Fund. We were concerned that some MassArt seniors were at risk of not graduating on time due to financial pressures brought on by the pandemic and wanted to do whatever we could to help them cross the finish line to graduation. Thanks to the support of our generous donors, we raised enough money over the past two years to help almost 50 seniors graduate from MassArt!

    When you support our students with a Raise Your Paddle gift, you make it possible for generations of students to make the world a better place through the power of art and design. Your gift, of any amount, will help students like the ones shown below get across the stage at Commencement!

    Paddle Sponsor:
    Maggie Riendeau (BFA in Painting, Class of 2023)
    I’m deeply grateful for the funding I’ve been provided for my final year at MassArt. I’m a working student, so any financial contribution to my education is extremely appreciated. Moving forward, I want to continue my education as much as possible, whether it’s painting daily or attending grad school. I hope to have a studio in Boston where I can completely dedicate myself to a painting lifestyle.
    Nicole Nolin (BFA in Illustration, Class of 2022)
    Thank you so much for your generous donation. With this funding, I'll be able to pay off my student loans, which will relieve the stress put on me while advancing into my profession. At MassArt, I learned many useful techniques, met many fellow artists, and discovered more about myself as an artist. My experience at MassArt truly pushed me to become motivated with my work and your impact has helped me thrive with my career. I would one day love to be a concept artist, primarily for video games. The education I've received puts me at a much better advantage than if I would have decided to self-teach. I'll be forever grateful that I chose MassArt and that you have so generously donated to the education of today's youth.
    Maddie Massicotte (BFA in Photography, Class of 2022)
    I am a non-binary queer multidisciplinary artist. I mainly work in photography, writing, quilting, and collage. My photographic work delves into the alternative processes of lumen printing and cyanotypes as a way to discuss ephemerality of memory. I'm interested in the conversation between image, text, and object as a way to explore intimacy. I utilize my artistic practice as a way to reimagine their surroundings, creating space for magic and play, as a means to uplift and bring a voice to queer experience. I am currently completing my BFA in Photography. I deeply appreciate and can not thank you enough for your generosity and contribution to the Finish Line Fund. With the remainder of my tuition paid for, I can focus on my studio practice rather than worrying about how I can afford to pay for my last semester.
    Mikaela Murphy (BFA in Art Education, Class of 2022)
    Thank you so much for your generous support. Your donation will help me finish out my last semester as a BFA candidate in the Art Education program. This semester, on top of classes, I am working full time as a student teacher in a local elementary school. Though required for my teaching license, this internship is unpaid and I was worried about the effect this would have on my finances. Thanks to your donation much of this stress has been eased and I can show up as my best for my students every day. I am very grateful for your support, and hopefully I can use it to support other young artists in return.
    Estrella Rodriguez Tabares (BFA in Art Education & Sustainability, Class of 2023)
    I wanted to extend my gratitude for your generous donation and contribution to my education. I appreciate what you have offered me greatly. I come from a very low income family where money tends to be a the kernel of all my problems. This money allowed me to enter the school year without any anxiety or discomfort as it allowed me to pay the remaining balance I had due. I believe in reciprocity, and I trust that your offerings will come back to you in the forms and phases that you need. I hope life has been and will continue to be kind to you.
    Emily Harding (BFA in Photography, Class of 2023)
    I would like to thank you for your generous scholarship donation. Over the course of my four years here at MassArt, I have been exploring the concepts of humanity through photography. With this generous funding, it will help me to continue this after graduation, and help to further my professional photography career. As the cost of equipment and supplies rises, building a portfolio becomes expensive and this will truly make a difference in my practice. Thank you again for your generosity and thoughtfulness to help students in need.

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