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    Omega Life Membership Foundation, Inc. (OLMF) has been fully engaged in and committed to philanthropy for all of its 37 years of existence. It remains the intention of OLMF to continue on this path and be a force for good and growth in the years to come.

    The Foundation has, since 1984, prudently invested and managed the dollars with which it has been entrusted. Our investment portfolio is currently valued at approximately nine million dollars ($9,000,000).

    The Foundation has been scrupulous and generous in distributing those dollars to 501(c)3 organizations both nationally and internationally. In turn, those organizations have been empowered to help improve the quality of life of the communities that they serve. Since 1984, The Foundation has provided grants, scholarships, emergency aid and other financial assistance in excess of six million dollars ($6,000,000).

    It is against this backdrop, that the Foundation is prepared to take the next step in its growth and evolution.

    Omega Life Membership Foundation’s next step as an effective and efficient purveyor of good works encompasses the Foundation:

    1. Of its own volition, identifying and supporting organizations and/or initiatives of OUR choosing to support;

    2. Providing a significant, positive, and lasting contribution to the communities we serve;

    3. Enhancing the Omega Life Membership Foundation Brand;

    4. Expanding the International presence, performance, and prestige of the OLMF Brand;

    5. Establishing a process that promotes OLMF’s commitment to providing for “Generational Philanthropy.”

    The Omega Life Membership Foundation, Inc. IMPACT FUND is an idea whose time has come!

    The IMPACT FUND is the first initiative promulgated by the Foundation’s Board of Directors, designed as a “Donor Advised Fund,” which will be decided by the majority vote of the Foundation membership. In essence, the Members of the Foundation will, on an annual basis, select and direct a significant grant amount to a worthy nonprofit organization and/or endeavor of the Foundation Membership’s choosing.

    The IMPACT FUND proceeds, first, as an internal Capital Campaign commencing December 1, 2021, with a goal of raising $250,000.

    Starting December 1, 2021, Members of the Foundation are asked to contribute at minimum $125.00 towards the Capital Campaign. Contributions exceeding $125.00 are also welcomed and appreciated.

    Over the same period, the members of the Foundation Board of Directors (BOD) are asked to contribute, at minimum, as leaders of the Foundation, $250. The expectation is, of course, there will be 100% participation/contribution by members of the BOD. The mandate of Foundation Directors must include our leading, from the front, by our charitable giving to the Foundation.

    Both Members and BOD Members are free to, and encouraged to, contribute more than the requested minimum indicated above. Furthermore, ALL Members are, and should be, encouraged to continue to contribute annually to the IMPACT FUND.

    There will be an IMPACT FUND Committee (IFC) established. The IFC will have responsibility for the continued development and refinement of the FUND, addressing issues as they arise regarding the FUND, and making recommendations to BOD as deemed necessary. OLMF Region 1 Director, Gregory D. Burnett, Sr. will ably serve as Chairman of this committee.

    It will be the responsibility of the BOD to select the specific subject area to which program/organization nominations must be targeted. (i.e., “social justice,” “literacy,” or “STEM,” etc.)

    The Foundation Grants Committee (FGC) will be responsible for “vetting” potential IMPACT FUND recipients, as nominated by Members of the Foundation.

    The Foundation Grants Committee will narrow the nominations to four finalists. The finalists’ organizational information will be summarized and available on the OLMF website for Life Members to review and consider.

    Finally, at the very next OLMF Annual Meeting, a vote of the Foundation Members, present at the Meeting, will be conducted to select from the four finalist organizations, by simple majority vote, the single recipient of the OLMF IMPACT FUND grant.*

    *{As an initial grant award, the IMPACT FUND grant will be in the amount of at least $10K, to begin with, but aspiring to a minimum of $25K, when financially advisable.}

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