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Cancer affects many of us – about 8.8 million people die from cancer each year, worldwide. Our family, friends, colleagues or even ourselves, with the best care, can be subjected to harsh side effects, lengthy treatment durations, prohibitive costs and limited accessibility. Now there’s a better way!

The Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation is prepared to save lives, using a new revolutionary technology developed by founder, Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green. Dr. Green’s patent-pending cancer treatment completely eliminates tumors in mice, in just 15 days, after a single 10-minute treatment, without side effects! The Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation’s purpose is to translate Dr. Green’s groundbreaking cancer treatment out of the laboratory and into hospitals where people need it most.

Every day, we receive requests from desperate cancer patients (and their loved-ones) who have been sent home to die. Knowing that our treatment could save their lives, it is heartbreaking to tell these patients “no” when we have the technology but not the funding to say “yes.”  

Help us say “yes” and save lives…

Be one of the 300,000 people we need to donate $100 in order to reach the goal of $30 million to cover the costs of clinical trials and FDA approval.

300,000 people x $100 = $30 million goal!

Join our efforts and support our fundraising campaign by donating $100 today or $10 a month, and “Become a Fundraiser” to help us reach 300,000 people by setting up your own personalized donation page! Our plan, with the support of our team of oncologists, is to begin clinical trials 12-24 months after reaching our fundraising goal. All donations are tax-deductible!

Please share our page on social media to increase awareness of this campaign. We have the capacity to save lives. With our revolutionary technology, we can. With your help, we will change the way cancer is treated and save lives. Together, #WeAreOraLee.

We also accept offline donations. Please make checks payable and mail to:

Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 11184
Atlanta, GA 30310

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