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    I’ve had Orah since December 17, 2012, when she was born. Words cannot do our bond justice. I am the only mother Orah has ever known; She is my entire world. Every person in the world to Orah is a friend she hasn’t met yet. It is impossible not to fall in love with her once she greets you with one of her big old kisses and her excited “wiggly butt.” Orah loves going on car rides to get milkshakes. She also enjoys running around outside with other dogs.

    At the end of July 2022, Orah developed a lump under her eye, and her gum was swollen around her canine tooth. I took her to the vet, thinking she had an abscessed tooth. A week after that appointment, I discovered Orah had cancer. Everything changed so quickly.

    Orah has already undergone surgery to remove the tumor from her face. The next step is chemotherapy. I have already funded Orah’s surgery and the first two chemotherapy treatments. As a full-time student, it is getting harder for me to keep up. Please consider helping Orah receive her chemotherapy treatments. We are so grateful for any support!

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