Please support The Pad Project to maintain the wages of the women who work on the pad-making machines and to ensure their financial security in the face of uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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    We hope you are doing well and staying safe, given the current global situation. As the pandemic continues, The Pad Project’s priority remains the health and safety of our families and our NGO partners, many of whom we consider to be family as well. We are deeply cognizant of the fact that everyone is feeling the impacts of COVID-19 and that it is hard to justify donations in the face of financial uncertainty, so for those of you who were able to help raise funds to support the pad machine workers, we cannot thank you enough.

    We are so thrilled to announce that we have more than doubled our original fundraising goal! This will go a long way towards supporting the women who work on the pad machines during this difficult time. You may remember a few of these women from our film, Period. End of Sentence. 

    However, there is still more we have to do to help meet all of the basic needs of our NGO partners in India as they navigate this crisis. If you are able to donate, or if you know someone who is, please help us support the important work they’re doing.

    The Pad Project is a nonprofit organization founded by a group of high school students and their teacher dedicated to the principle that “a period should end a sentence, not a girl’s education.” A key component of our mission is to provide NGO partners with pad machines to employ women and create microeconomies in communities around the world. When women work on the pad machine, their families have more money to invest in education for their children and to support girls during menstruation.

    COVID-19 has directly impacted our partners in India, which is jeopardizing their ability to continue providing women in their communities with access to hygienic menstrual products.

    While exercising proper social distancing precautions, our NGO partners are still trying to make pads available through home deliveries. The women who work on the pad machines are distributing pads in their communities to make sure no one loses access to products because of the pandemic. Many families are facing financial difficulties, so they often prioritize buying food over buying menstrual supplies. Because of this, some of our NGO partners are distributing pads for free to women and girls who cannot afford them. By continuing to distribute pads, the women who work on the pad machines ensure women in their communities have access to locally made sanitary products.

    The Pad Project is supporting this effort to maintain accessibility of menstrual products, but we need your help to ensure that we can meet this goal. We are hoping to raise enough money to continue to cover the costs of rental space, raw materials, wages, and loss of earnings in 3 different project locations. You can explore the breakdown of costs below.

    We know this is a difficult time, but even a small donation will make a big difference. Every dollar helps! Visit our website to learn more about our non-profit organization. 

    Together we can push the global movement for menstrual equity forward! 

    With Love,

    The Pad Project Team

    ** All numbers are an estimate for 3 project locations ** 

    • 3 months wages = $7,605 USD
    • 3 months rent  = $1,000 USD
    • 3 months of raw materials = $1,260 (manual x 2) + $2,838 (semi-automated x 1) = $4,098
    • 3 months loss of product sales = $1,050 USD
    • 3 months earnings for product distribution = $390 USD
    • 3 months loss of hosting educational workshops = $2,160 USD
    • These workshops include Menstrual Hygiene Management, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.

    We cannot quantify the cost of mental stress and trauma to girls and women due to the pandemic. Pads have once again become more difficult to access, so girls and women who were using them could revert to using cloth rags during menstruation. The women who work on the pad machines are helping to ensure the girls and women in their communities still have access to safe and sanitary menstrual products.


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