Congratulations to our 2023 March Madness Alumni Giving Challenge Champions!


    1990's Decade and the Class of 1989!


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    Each decade of Palmer Trinity grads is a "team", and they are competing against each other in a 3 week March Madness Alumni Giving Challenge. Due to the number of graduates, the 70's and 80's are on the same team.

    It is simple. Your 1 gift can earn points for your team in 5 different ways.

    1. Every Alum who donates to the Annual Fund earns their team 5 points.

    (ie. 10 Alum donors will earn a total 50 points)


    2. For every $500 the team raises, the team will earn an additional 1 point.

    (ie. If a team raises $10,000, it will earn them 20 additional points)


    3. A bonus of 5 additional points is given to each donor who has given for 5 or more years, and a bonus of 10 points is given for 10 or more years.

    (ie. John donates for his 6th year in a row. He earns a total of 10 points for his gift. 5 for the gift, plus 5 bonus points


    4. A bonus of 20 points is given for each donor that gives at one of the Leadership levels, which start at $2,500.

    (ie. Suzie gives $2,500, so she receives 25 total points, 5 for the gift, 20 for the Leadership Gift bonus)


    5. A bonus of 20 points will also be given to Alum who increase by one Level Up from their donation from the previous year, also called an "AND 1".  The levels are below.

    Level 1: Giving your grad year. (ie. $20.14 for Class of 2014 Grads)

    Level 2: $50

    Level 3: $100

    Level 4: $250

    Level 5: $500

    Level 6: $1,000

    Level 7: $2,500 (Leadership Level)

    * Please allow 24 Hours for your gift to be processed

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