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    Achieving Excellence at The University of Scranton

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    Achieving Excellence
    Excellence lies in Scranton’s commitment to producing men and women for and with others, a commitment that has resulted in more than 614 Scranton graduates spending a year or more in full-time volunteer service immediately after graduation. How, exactly, does Scranton continue to produce such selfless individuals seeking to kindle the fires of love and service across the wide world? Many of them pass through the University’s Center for Service and Social Justice, which boasts an average roster of 2,850 students who perform more than 170,000 service hours annually; others participate in Campus Ministries’ International Service Program, which provides immersion opportunities in developing countries across Central and South America. You can support excellence at The University of Scranton in a number of ways:

    The Center for Service & Social Justice (CSSJ)
    CSSJ offers opportunities for students to express their faith in reflective service and work toward the transformation of unjust societal structures while responding to local and national needs. These opportunities include service trips around the U.S. and abroad, on-campus activities like the Safe Trick-or-Treat program, food and clothing drives and mentoring of local children and teens, just to name a few. Your support will not only fund these programs, but also allow for expansion, so that our students can have a larger impact on the most at-risk in our Scranton community.

    The International Service Program (ISP)
    Each year, ISP provides opportunities for students, faculty, and staff of The University of Scranton to be immersed in cultures and experiences in developing countries of our world. These seven to ten day trips in May and June take place in Central and South American countries. Over 100 students, along with faculty and staff chaperones,  travel to different countries and serve the most in-need populations. Support to ISP offsets the cost of transportation, housing, and meal costs, making these life changing trips more accessible to our students. 

    University of Success
    The University of Success is a pre-college program designed to provide academic, social, and cultural enrichment to high school students. Since the program is funded almost entirely by corporate and foundation grants, there is no charge to students and their families. The ultimate goal of this program is to assist participating students to successfully complete high school and gain entrance into a college or university. The University of Success helps students achieve this goal through a variety of activities and services from their current grade until they graduate from high school. Many Success students choose to apply and continue their education at The University of Scranton.

    See the progress toward our $135 million goal here.

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