On the Run for Women's Health

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    My name is Mineli and I am preparing to run my 2nd Los Angeles marathon. By participating in this marathon it is my goal to raise funds for women’s health, specifically the Breast Imaging Center at the USC Verdugo Hills Hospital, a community health resource that holds personal significance for me.

    A few years ago I had felt suspicious lumps and I had to go through an extensive breast cancer screening process. I cannot adequately express the hardship of going through this experience especially as it happened a week before my wedding. I still vividly remember anxiously awaiting for my biopsy results. Fortunately, the results of the screening showed the lumps as benign. 

    After being cleared from cancer screening, I decided to not take my health for granted and have been determined to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s when I started exercising on a daily basis.  Then, as the lockdowns of the pandemic started, I incorporated running into my routine. Running has really helped me escape from stress and improved my overall health. After going through my health scare 2 years ago, I began thinking about wanting to help others that are facing serious health issues. 

    Running a marathon is not easy, especially as a beginner. It requires a lot of dedication to train, discipline, and determination. I believe this fundraising project will help me stay focused and make this race about something bigger than myself – about other women who are facing similar health issues. I am very eager to reach my fundraising and training goal this year with your help and support. 

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