$12,000 Goal

    Text to Give: School1040 to 71777

    Goal: Sponsor at least 400 of total 4000 targeted school children with a $30 ‘tuition boost’ = $12,000


    4000 of the 12,000 children attending Evangelical Christian schools in Lebanon need tuition support. For $30 you can sponsor a child’s education for the year. 


    Not only are you sponsoring a child's education, you help keep a Christian school open for all who attend, and because this national initiative has high level government support, you are also strengthening the churches influence in the nation. 


    The CLUB1040 team has set a goal to sponsor at least 10% of those in need. That’s 400 children, or a total of $12,000. 


    Sponsor one child = $30

    Sponsor 10 children = $300

    Sponsor 100 children = $3000


    Reminder that 100% of your sponsorship goes directly to tuition assistance.