COVID-19 Cases Surge in Syria
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    In the midst of protracted conflict and an ongoing humanitarian crisis, Syria is now facing a dramatic surge in COVID-19 cases and ICU hospitalizations.  SAMS-supported ICUs are filled to 100% of capacity and oxygen and other critical supplies are running extremely low in Syria, placing patients' lives at risk. Dr. Ikram Habboush, manager of SAMS-supported Maternity Hospital in Idlib, shared some of her experiences on the front lines of the pandemic response,

    “The most heartbreaking thing is that sometimes COVID patients have to wait for someone to die to get a hospital bed. Hope for some families means losing a loved one for others. As doctors we are doing everything we can, but we can’t save lives if we don’t have enough oxygen."

    To ensure that no patient is left behind in this crisis, SAMS is working with partners to secure oxygen, oxygen generators, critical care medications, and ICU equipment, including ventilators and monitors. Meanwhile, SAMS' heroic medical personnel continue to work around the clock at 5 SAMS-supported COVID-19 hospital-based isolation and treatment centers in Syria.
    Ibrahim Aboud, manager of SAMS-supported al-Ziraa Hospital in Idlib city described a dire situation, "On average, a patient spends 15 days in the ICU. All beds are occupied, and the moment we discharge a patient, we immediately admit someone else. Yet the number of cases continues to increase, and we are under severe pressure."

    Amidst critical shortages of oxygen, medications, and other medical supplies, the situation is rapidly deteriorating. 

    "Our doctors and nurses are bravely responding as best they can given the circumstances, but they need more resources to be able to combat this current wave,” said SAMS President, Dr. Amjad Rass.

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    As a growing number of severely ill COVID-19 patients enter our ICUs, it is absolutely essential that we increase both our sources and capacity for generating oxygen, while also securing other critical medications, supplies, equipment and additional personnel. This will help us save as many lives as possible.

    Your donation today will allow us to provide life-saving care to those patients who have endured a decade of conflict and are now struggling to beat a potentially deadly disease. 

    "The Delta variant is much more difficult to treat. We have received many severe cases of women and children in the ICU. ” explained Ibrahim Aboud, manager of SAMS-supported Al-Ziraa Hospital in Idlib city.

    Whether you donate $5 or $500, your donation will help save lives!  Thank you for your compassionate support!

    Here is what SAMS is doing to address this health emergency in Syria:

    • Supporting 5 COVID-19 hospital-based Isolation and treatment units, including 4 for adults and 1 for children, with capacity to admit and manage up to 270 patients;
    • Delivering life-saving COVID-19 care, and other medical services, free of charge to patients in need;
    • Operating triage and screening  units in front of healthcare facilities;
    • Distributing medicine, PPE, medical supplies and equipment, including oxygen to healthcare facilities;
    • Supporting frontline COVID-19 healthcare workers via telemedicine and training;
    • Participating in the Syria Immunization Group, advocating for and supporting the vaccination of healthcare workers and civilians against COVID-19;
    • Promoting community awareness campaigns to stop the spread of the virus, while also delivering care to displaced individuals via mobile medical clinics;
    • Continuing to deliver an average of  150,000 consultations per month at 35 healthcare facilities in northern Syria, free of charge to every patient in need.

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