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Why? Why would I run 26.2 miles every month for a year? Well, that's an easy and hard question to answer. The easy answer is that I don't want other families to experience what my family has the past 2 years. The hard part is I feel like my why changes almost daily. So let's start at the beginning. In December 2019, my wife, best friend, and soul mate was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma. She was pregnant with our youngest daughter at the time. She had surgery to remove her gallbladder, and that's when they found cancer and had to also remove part of her liver as well as gallbladder and lymph nodes. We were told that they had never seen cancer she had and that we should abort our baby. Well if you know Mandy, then you know she does her homework. She thankfully found CCF as well as Hope for Two. From there, we learned she could go through chemo and keep our little girl! After chemo and giving birth to Lily, we had moved to scans every 3 months. Unfortunately, Mandy's employer changed insurance companies to a cheaper plan. In June 2021, we have had to fight with the insurance company to cover the scans which could help find cancer early enough to save my wife's life. Well after fighting, we won! We got the life-saving scan in the end of June 2021. On that scan, they found a spot that was of concern. When they did the biopsy, they also did an ablation to burn the cancer out. The radiologist said when he touched the spot that he was 100% positive that it was cancer. Mandy is now recovering and is hopefully cancer-free again.... hopefully it's for good! But if for some reason she isn't, she will continue to fight, and I will continue to be there with support and love for her. She will get to see our girls grow up, and we will grow old together! That's because she fights and because the CCF will continue to fund research and hopefully find a cure. 

Current Races:
Walt Disney World Marathon - January 9, 2022
Publix Atlanta Marathon - February 27, 2022
Snickers Marathon, Albany, Georgia March 5, 2022




Founded in 2006, the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation is a global 501(c)(3) non-profit organization exclusively dedicated to supporting patients and rendering cholangiocarcinoma a treatable disease.

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