$28,000 Goal

    The total sponsorship goal for this project is 200 = $28,000.

    Sponsor 1 believer/leader: $140.

    Sponsor 10 believers/leaders: $1400. 

    The Body of Christ in Turkey is estimated to be not more than 8,000 believers from a population of nearly 88 million. Because Turkey is more than 99% Muslim and surrounded by countries like Iran, Iraq, and Syria, there is a great need for the believers and leaders to be trained in the Word and power of the Holy Spirit, leading to hundreds of new churches.

    CLUB1040’s first foundational step toward establishing Bible Colleges and church planting movements in Turkey begins in August 2022.  We are expecting 150 people from all over Turkey and another 50 from the wider MENA region to come for a week of ministry and strategic planning. 

    There will be a children's ministry to bless and refresh families, daytime teaching sessions and evening ministry with anointed worship, the Word and power of the power of the Holy Spirit. In addition, one day is designated for team building, prayer and strategic planning.

    The total cost is $180 per person and includes five days of meals and hotel for the week. 

    Each Turkish participant pays $40 - equivalent to almost a typical weekly wage in Turkey, so that is a stretch of faith. The remaining $140 will come from sponsors like you. In sponsoring attendees, you are not only sowing into believers lives, but you are laying the first foundations for future bible colleges and a church planting movement in the nation. 

    YOU CAN COME TOO: If you have a heart for the Middle East and North Africa and want to attend this conference, click here for more information and a registration link.