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    Cougar Cupboard started in January 2020 as a Food for Change Market site in partnership with the Houston Food Bank. Students are able to receive up to 30lbs perishable and non-perishable foods per week to total 120lbs of per month. Over a thousand students utilize this service each month. To accommodate for those students without transportation, the cupboard uses Door Dash to deliver food.

    At least 1 out of 3 college students have some level of food insecurity. The Cougar Cupboard has seen a steady rise in students utilizing the cupboard. The cupboard is helping students obtain food and at times necessary household items.

    Funds raised will help expand the cupboard to help more students and buy necessary items that the Houston Food Bank may not provide. Every $5 provides 10 meals to a student in need!


    Did you know that the food pantry leaders for each of the Big 12's food pantries are part of a coalition called the Big 12 Food Pantry Alliance? The alliance has paired up Big 12 pantries to compete against each other in a donation drive competition. The University of Houston is competing against West Virginia University to see who can support their school more!

    35% of students who use the Cougar Cupboard report that they have considered leaving UH due to the financial stress and food insecurity they experience. After using the Cougar Cupboard, 92% of these students reported that it lowered their financial and overall stress, which in turn helped them focus on their academic success. By providing students with essential groceries, the Cougar Cupboard is feeding futures.


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