The Bee 2022 is a collaborative effort between United Way of Greater Lorain County and The Bee teams to help raise awareness and money for education initiatives throughout Greater Lorain County.

    To learn more about these collaboratives, please go to

    We ask you to join this coalition and donate to The Bee General Fund to help make further opportunities and greater resources a reality for students all throughout our area.

    We want to thank all of our volunteer hosts, question writers, and of course all of the teams that played The Bee. Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates and videos from The Bee, as well as other opportunities to get involved with projects like this in the future.

    Welcome to our crowdfunding page for A Week at the Bee!

    You can help your favorite team earn advantages in the game (bonus points, extra time, do overs, and more!) by making any size donation to United Way.

    Your support will go a long way towards helping local agencies, schools, and other organizations collaborate with each other to help get kids ready for kindergarten and middle schoolers ready for life.

    Check out more about United Way's education initiatives here!