Ride United

    “I haven’t eaten in days, I don’t know what to do. I don’t have money for the bus. I can’t get there.”

    “I’m trying to get back on my feet. I have to get to this interview tomorrow.” 

    “I’m having surgery and I need someone to take me home afterwards, but I don’t have anyone who can pick me up.” 

    Every day we receive requests from help from people like the ones above. Now thanks to a partnership with Lyft, United Way of the Dutchess-Orange Region can offer residents of Poughkeepsie and Newburgh transportation for health, employment, food, education, legal, housing, and economic stability when needed most. See categories below for qualifying appointments and services.

    What is Ride United?
    Ride United is a program to fill the unmet needs gap for transportation assistance. United Way of the Dutchess-Orange Region offers on-demand Lyft rides when no other transportation option is available for Medical transportation, Employment transportation, and Public Benefit transportation.

    What are the eligibility requirements for Ride United?

    • Must be unable to pay for any other transportation options
    • Must have no other transportation option available through friends, family, or community organizations
    • Rides are available in Newburgh and Poughkeepsie and must be less than $25 each way (see Lyft estimate, by clicking here)
    • Client willingness to comply with Lyft's Health Safety Requirements, which include wearing a face covering.

    Are there any income eligibility requirements?
    No proof of income required, but the Client needs a payment method on file in their Lyft account on a smartphone to utilize certain Lyft Products (Codes + Pass). No employment verification required.

    What can I use Ride United to get to?


    • Medical/Dental/Eye Appt & Testing
    • Substance Use Support
    • Mental Health Support/Community Support
    • Apply for Medicare/Medicaid/CHIP Services
    • Return Home from ER
    • Veterans Affairs Services
    • Pharmacy Services


    • Job Interview
    • Commute to/from Work
    • Pre-Employment Needs


    • Grocery Store
    • Prepared/Hot Meals
    • Food Pantry/Bank
    • SNAP/WIC Benefits Access


    • Enrollment
    • Commute to/from School, Class, Daycare
    • Guardian School Engagement
    • Library or Internet Access


    • Eviction Court
    • Court Ordered Community Service
    • Probation/Parole Check-in
    • Court Ordered Education
    • Commute to/from Court Proceedings/Counsel


    • Accessing & Maintaining Benefits (vouchers, rental assistance, etc.)
    • Emergency Shelter
    • Utilities Assistance

    Economic Stability:

    • Financial Coaching/Empowerment
    • Tax Preparation Services
    • Essential Supplies (non-food)
    • Record Obtainment (SSN, Birth/Death Cert., etc.)
    • TransportationServices (DMV, car repair, etc.)

    How do I access Ride United?
    Complete the online application.

    How do I schedule a ride?
    Once eligibility is confirmed, you will be emailed a code for your trip by LYFT. You must download the LYFT app to your mobile phone to access this program.

    Are children allowed to take Ride United?
    Yes. For callers with young children the caller must provide their car seat or booster seat. Minors must be accompanied by a caseworker or parental guardian if under the age of 18.

    Is Ride United wheelchair accessible?
    Vehicles are not lift-equipped, but drivers can help load the car or transport mobility equipment if portable. Riders should be able to transfer from a wheelchair to a seat without assistance.

    Can Ride United take me to multiple places?
    No. Ride United is only able to provide one round trip to and from a single location.

    Note: Rides to/from COVID-19 inoculation are not covered under this application. To apply for vaccine rides, go to www.uwdor.org/vaccinerides

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