Valero Reelin' for Good

    Valero Reelin' For Good 

    Benefiting United Way of the Mid-South

    Friday, September 15, 2023

    We’re excited to bring the first annual Valero Reelin' For Good Bass Tournament to Memphis, TN along the banks of the Mississippi River. This unique fishing tournament is a trailering team event that will benefit United Way of the Mid-South, a treasured nonprofit that serves an eight-county region in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi with a targeted focus on helping individuals, children, and families transform their lives and break the cycle of poverty.

    This tournament gives you the opportunity to cast your line and fish in of the three states for a good cause. As a trailering tournament, you choose which of these areas your team would like to fish: Tunica Cutoff, Wolf River Harbor, McKellar Lake, Horseshoe Lake and the tributaries and oxbows of the Mississippi River. 

    Sign up your team today by clicking general registration. The Grand Prize of $10,000 and Big Bass prize of $2,500 are guaranteed. *The total payout of $28,000 is based on 100 boats registered. 

    Here's a list of our prizes.

    Valero Reelin’ For Good Prize Payout

    Grand Prize of $10,000 and Big Bass prize of $2,500 is guaranteed! 

    The total payout of $28,000 is based on 100 boats registered. 

    Grand Prize


    2nd place

    $ 5,000

    3rd place

    $ 4,000

    4th place

    $ 3,000

    5th place

    $ 2,000

    6th place

    $ 1,000

    7th place

    $  500

    Big Fish

    $ 2,500 

    *Grand Prize of $10,000 and Big Bass prize of $2,500 are guaranteed. Full payout for  2nd through 7th place is based on registration of 100 boats/teams.  


    ​Registration Fee/Payment Schedule

    All registration fees & sponsorships are non-refundable.

    All participants must be 18 years old or older. 

    All general registration participants must include a full payment with their registration. Total fee for this event (including big fish and processing fees) is $400 per boat and includes up to a maximum of 3 participants. Any registration that does not make a payment will be disallowed and removed from the tournament.

    Members of the corporate community please purchase one of our corporate sponsorships. For more info click here.

    Event sponsors can be invoiced as long as the check is received by September 5. To extend that time they will need tournament approval.

    If an angler elects to withdraw from this event they will have up to the cut-off date of September 13, 2023 to find a suitable angler to purchase their entry.

    Boat numbers will be issued by time and date of paid registration.


    Valero Reelin’ For Good Tournament Event Rules

    This is a charitable event that benefits United Way of the Mid-South, the $28,000 payout is based on a 100 boat/team entry.

    These rules have been established to encourage fairness, safety, conservation, and significant care for the fish caught. It is the goal of this event to move our sport forward as an example for all to follow.

    ​Entries made and paid for are prohibited from being sold, bartered, or given away without the expressed written consent of a tournament official. Entry fees are $400 per team or boat. All Entries Are Final. Any entry that will not be used will be offered at face value to a waiting list of anglers on a first come-first-serve basis. No “scalping” will be allowed.  If it is discovered that any time an angler has/had attempted to scalp or sell their entry for profit, they will automatically be disqualified and refunded their entry fee, less a $200 administrative processing charge only IF a replacement angler can be secured. This event is capped at 100 boats. 

    Please click here to review and submit tournament rules.



    Please make the care of your fish a priority so that the fish can be released with the least amount of stress and a successful survival rate.

    Our weigh in will be open throughout the tournament. If you have a large fish or fish that will not survive until weigh-in you may bring it to be weighed and recorded. We will then release the fish and you can continue to fish. Once the weight has been recorded you may not cull when you come back in.

    If you have fish that you feel will not survive until weigh-in time bring them in so they can be weighed and released.

    All fishermen are subject to a polygraph exam.


    ​WAIVER/RELEASE FOR Valero Bass Tournament

    Upon your entry into the tournament, each angler agrees to and is placed under the following Waiver/Release for the Valero Reelin' for Good Bass Tournament. Please click on the link below to sign and submit the Waiver/Release document.

    Waiver/Release Document


    During the event setup period this document will remain live and is subject to change without notice.  10 days prior to the event all rules will become final (published cut-off date) with the exception of a rule(s) that may affect the safety or fairness of and for the participating anglers.



    The United Way of the Mid-South is solely a beneficiary of the tournament; is not a tournament director and has not been party to the determination of the rules and guidelines.

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